Whoever invented the cheesecake recipe is a monster

Or not!  Today is the first time I ever baked a cheesecake completely from scratch.  I did the freaking water bath and everything.  I enjoy baking and always wanted to do this for a living.  Creating this masterpiece was one hell of a ride.  Made me realize I do NOT want to bake for a living.  I am gonna be sore tomorrow.  Lol.  But she’s worth it.  My sweet Lulu <3.

This took 1 hour to prep, 1 hour and 16 minutes to bake and that was just to get the base.  Had to cool in the turned off oven for 3 hours.  Took about 15 minutes for ganache (chocolate chips and heavy cream in microwave for 30 seconds I kid you not!).  Was very quick especially since I went with the “oh hell, just pour” method.  Since I didn’t hire a cameraman, steps are missing.  Oh well, will have to do with my memory. This bad boy is in the refrigerator overnight and then tomorrow is time for the whip cream garnish.

Here’s some snaps.

As always, more to come.

13 thoughts on “Whoever invented the cheesecake recipe is a monster

  1. But it’ll be worth it! When I bake cheesecake, I bake three at a time and then often three more and freeze/gift them, because yesss, very labor intensive. She’s gonna be so happy when it she closes her lips over that fork! Good job, mama one! 🙂

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    1. Oh my, one was enough. I could not even imagine baking three or six at a time. You’re my hero :). In the end I am glad I did it. I am already plotting how I to improve my technique for next time.

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  2. Nice job!! I was a professional baker years ago (before I decided I was weary of the graveyard shift and swapped to automotive) and getting a cheesecake through the baking process without it cracking – means you know what you’re doing. Two thumbs up!!

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