So, … The Shoe Didn’t Drop

The shoe didn’t drop … 

But it was close for a while.  I ranted in the post above but I did not get my fill.  To continue, my oldest ended up sick and missed out on a Thanksgiving weekend trip to our place.  A father son trip that had been planned ever since we closed on the property back in February.

Speaking of closing, yesterday in the mail (well maybe many yesterdays ago as I am writing this now to be able to continue my STREAK!!!) …

Any who in the mail we received from our farm and ranch bank an old school paper calendar that says “2019 – In God We Trust”.  Doh! So much for separation of church and state.  But I digress.  This post is not about that.  I just found getting a paper calendar somewhat amusing and quite frankly I expect a brand new toaster oven to be waiting for me next time I enter the lobby.

Back to the shoe that didn’t drop.  You guys may or may not know that B’s family hit the genetic lottery when it comes to cancer so we always worry.  We as in “me and the mouse in my pocket”.  B is smooth sailing. I was scared for my boy.  Truth be told I had nothing to be scared about.  Instead, I make stuff up. And what he went through even though brief sent me into a tail spin.  Ugh!

Now he is better and it is my turn.  Ugh! My inconclusive tests.  But there are diagnosis in the scan results.  A small hiatal hernia (hh) should not cause me pain.  Why the hell not? It fucking hurts y’all.  And I find myself going to Mr. Google to find a cure.  I guess I will put myself on the hh diet.  Oatmeal for life with a side of banana and plain dry toast :(.  Quit the coffee.  I know, I know enough to make one crazy!?!?

6 thoughts on “So, … The Shoe Didn’t Drop

  1. Oh, I love that word, ‘inconsequential.’ It is like at work. We never worried about cut-backs and lay-offs until we get memos from HR telling us not to worry about them because there were no such plans. Every time there were layoffs within months of such notices. Size matters, but many things cause pain. Good luck.

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    1. The nurse practitioner who ordered my test. She said it was small and inconsequential and should not be giving me the pain as I describe it.


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