J-Dub’s Review of “Mrs. Fletcher” by Tom Perrotta

Entertaining in the mundane. A snapshot of a point in time of the life of Eve. Divorcée with a stereotypical frat boy son. Remarried ex with struggles of his own.

Eve is finding her footing while adjusting to an empty nest. Hmm I resemble that remark though I was not alone. #gratitude!

The story is really about relationships. Who we choose to be in our tribe. How we get by day-to-day. Self acceptance despite public opinion.

While the story has a beginning, middle, and end, there’s a perpetual feeling almost like the characters could go on forever. The end was of an episode. The book is ripe for a spinoff or sequel.

I’m glad I chose this book. I needed the escape. A recommended read. Rating 4.37 of 5 ✨

J-Dub’s Review Of “Bohemian Rhapsody”

… not the song but the movie. Or maybe a little of both.

Lulu Belle and I enjoyed the show immensely.  Made me yearn for a different era.  I would’ve been a groupie!  I stop short of repeating a play by play of this biopic.  You can read about Queen anywhere.  There are actually quiet a few documentaries I prefer because I get to see actual Freddie footage. He was stunning!  That voice!!! The band in a word … phenomenal.  One of my all time faves.

When the song first came out, it was confusing to me.  But that one word in the title … Bohemian … which I felt like … brought me in and I listened.  Over and over.   The kind of song that grows on you or at least grew on me.  “Will you do the Fandango?” why yes, yes I will!!!

Off to buy some Adidas, white tank top, studded arm band, and tight ass Wranglers … the original skinny jeans.  Lol :).  Rock on with your bad selves and go see the movie.  Two plus hours rolls by in what feels like mere minutes.  And you’ll be chair dancing and lip syncing along with the music the whole time!

100 Days of Jilly D

See my feature image.

I have not done anything for 100 consecutive days before now.

I’m a quitter.

Well that’s a bit harsh.

I ain’t no quitter on everything.

Occasionally I display sticktuitiveness!

Made up word alert.  lol.

Too late, made you look.

And I will close with an excerpt from “The Streak” by Ray Stevens.  As kids we loved that song.   The 70s were rad man.  I tell ya 🙂

“Ethel? Is that you Ethel?”

“You git your clothes on”

As always, more to come.

#1linerWeds. 11/21/18

Linda’s refrigerator is sending her messages.  🙂

Made me think of this sign from our break room. I have used it before but I am burning daylight and gots to go.  This saying is right up there with “close the door, you weren’t raised in a barn”


One of my co-workers shared some fires safety tips with us this week since during the holidays house fires become more prevalent.  They whoever “they” are make ovens/stoves that turn themselves off now.  I NEED one of those.  Technology is rad y’all.  Smart home everything!!

Happy Wednesday!! Hope it’s a good one.

Rules and Ping Back

For 11/18/18 ~ “Listen To The Music”

Helen gave us the prompt “listen”.  Oh so many directions to go.  I even thought I’d go my own way but who am I kidding?  No one!!!  I am a rule follower extraordinaire.  But if I pay attention, the rules allow for go your own way ala Fleetwood Mac.  Decisions, decisions but too many things to do.  I need to let this percolate.

Time stamp 11/18/18 9:16 AM CST.  Be back later …

And I am back … 11/18/18 11:00 AM CST and I give you “Listen to the Music” Sung by the Doobie Brothers. Lyrics in the video. Hope you enjoy!

Writer: Tom Johnston

Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the song and/or video and/or hyperlinks to songs and/or videos and/or gifs above. No copyright infringement intended.

Rules and Ping Back

#SoCS for 11/17/18 ~ Roll/Role

Good morning world!  Rise and shine!! ROLL on outta bed.  You’re burning daylight.  It’s time once again for #SoCS.

We’ve got our work cut out for us.  The lovely Linda gave give us the prompt ROLL/ROLE.  She tells us we get to choose ROLL or ROLE or both!!  She also says enjoy!!!

Well you don’t have to tell me twice.  I immediately think Tootsie ROLL!  Why?  Well let me tell ya why.

Earlier this week I was scrolling through the dreaded FB and came across an article click bait about vintage advertisements that would not fly today because of their political incorrectness. I immediately thought of my clever blogging friend John Holton over at the Sound of One Hand Typing.  But NOT because the ads were supposed to be un-PC.  You see he typically includes a commercial from yesteryear while closing his posts.

And you’re thinking print ads and commercials are not the same thing.  Oh but they are close enough.  Their ROLE … to sell “stuff” is the same.

I love to watch those commercials.  Sometimes I watch them and tears ROLL down my face.  But happy tears of stROLLing down memory lane.  Makes me think of a time when life was simpler somehow.  A time when my parents were still alive.  Always reminds me of growing up and watching TV with my brothers.

And it was in that slide show (that took forever to get to NEXT, so I stopped 1/2 way through and vowed never to click on any FB lists again) that I found the ad for Tootsie ROLLs.  The print featured a happy smiling young girl and a huge Tootsie ROLL with the caption “Only 5 cents more for the NEW bigger size and girls deserve the biggest” <insert shocked emoji> Not just this ad but all of them were loaded with double entendres.

Well y’all I am boycotting Tootsie ROLLs!!!  No, I am NOT!  Girls do deserve the biggest!!  The biggest what?  The biggest Tootise ROLL of course!

Instead I am going on the hunt for some Tootsie Pop Drops.  Better than the rolls because of the hard candy shell around the soft chewy chocolate center.  I loved those darn things but they are hard to find.  Just like I love the elusive BBQ fritos.  Not that chili cheese crap they try to foist on us Texans.  We want original BBQ!

Dang I’m hangry.  I wanna eat the hell out of some chips!  I am going to roll on outta here and cook breakfast instead.  Thank goodness I have no candy and/or chips in the pantry.

T’was nice talking at you.  Hope you have a happy Saturday!  Y’all come back now you hear.  If you’d like to join this band of prompt respondents, look here for the rules and ping back.

As always, more to come.