So, … More Medical MSU

I am not a doctor, I just play one on TV.

Sacribleu y’all!!!

My saga continues.

More than likely emotional pain is manifesting as physical so says Dr. J-Dub McGillicutty. I ought to know since I am the queen comma drama.  I recently wrote about my plight in Better Than.

I told you guys I was getting a CT scan but not about insurance denying to pay.  Some such BS about the insurance company needs to see my records to determine if the scan is necessary medical treatment.  CTs are diagnostic you fools NOT treatment.  The CT will ID the condition that then requires medical treatment.  So I fought city hall and won!  Insurance paid.

My last scan was in June 2015 so I am doing very well keeping my my cray, cray to a minimum.  I only check in when it really HURTS more than I can stand!  Of course logically I know if I was really ill, I’d be dead by now.  I have been trying to find the cause to what ails me since 2010!!

I have been sitting on an email notification that labs/diagnostics have been loaded into my health patient portal.  I have been afraid to check thinking I’d surely get a call.  But no call came because we AGREED she would only call if the results were bad news.  Otherwise, I was to check the portal, following the directions, and come back for my annual exam next year.

So, … I put on my big girl panties and checked my portal.  Now we have established I am not doctor but c’mon would ya?!??!?  I’ve got a laundry list of minor ailments that are not SUPPOSED to cause me pain.  But maybe I am a princess and the little stuff adds up to painful just like the pea under the mattress.

I have a small hiatal hernia and a mild atherosclerotic abdominal aorta.  What the freak are those?  I continue on … Several left renal sinus cysts are again seen. There is a small unchanged cyst in the lateral interpolar region of the left kidney.  AGAIN!!!  Okay so SEVERAL renal sinus cysts are no big deal.  And the cyst in my interpolar region is well … unchanged.  So, … None of this has done me in just yet!  And don’t cha know I Goggled all these terms and I am convinced the end is nigh!  But I jest! Or do I?

Some of this stuff can cause other stuff.  She wrote in my online portal to follow the dietary changes and if pain persists to see my Gastroenterologist.  I just saw her in February fool.  Got the all clear there too! And I didn’t get any dietary change suggestions. So I Googled again. Guess I can eat plain boiled rice and drink water.  No figgy pudding Randal Pink Floyd. Cut the coffee out too because only psychopaths drink coffee without cream.  It has to be true because I read that sH!t on FB.

Any Who, this concludes my obnoxious overshare.  Getting the random anxious thoughts out made me feel oh so much better.  Until next time that is 😉

As always, more to come.

7 thoughts on “So, … More Medical MSU

  1. I drink black coffee, and I’m not a psychopath. Guess it’s a good thing I don’t read Facebook.

    A hiatal hernia is where your stomach pushes through your diaphragm. Do you get a lot of reflux? The hernia could be a cause of that.

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    1. I trained myself to take my coffee black as one easy way to cut down on the empty calories from creamer. I shouldn’t read FB either.

      No re-flux but sharp pains. The NP was sure I had gallstones. The search for a reason continues.


  2. We all have things going on inside us that may cause problems in the future. Yours sound about right for your age. You are 97 aren’t you? There, I’m happy to put your mind at rest. The bill is in the post. Be careful when lifting it!

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