I ♥️ Operation Gratitude!!!

Took me 30 minutes to make one. Then I knocked out two more in about 15 minutes each. Improved my time but still not fast enough. I’m competitive in case you never noticed. 😂

Just like crochet, this is therapeutic 💕💕. No need for Calgon to take me away.

4 thoughts on “I ♥️ Operation Gratitude!!!

    1. Yes on You Tube there is a video – Operation Gratitude Paracord bracelet. They even have right or left handed instructions. Since I am a remedial learner, I brought it up on my phone.


    1. It’s more that a bracelet. Can be used to tie up gear, make a shelter, sutures, mend fabric, splint, trip line, tourniquet, and more. Our are going to the troops.

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