Better Than

Ever have one of those the shoe is about to drop feelings?  Yep, there I go again, making stuff up.  I can’t breath or I am barely breathing and I can’t find the air.  Settle down silly.  It is what it is until it isn’t.

When I got called back right away, I got the stink eye from everyone in the room.  I wanted to say but I am not seeing a “real” DOCTOR.  I am seeing the NP.  If you want to go first, then take an appointment with the first available.  Last time I checked the NPs are also fallible human beings.  My standard of care is no different thus far.

A CT scan is just what the NP ordered. Better than a MRI. Sure hope this answers some questions. Of course don’t ask questions if you really don’t want to know the answers 😲.


I don’t wanna!  Me with eyes closed and fingers in my ears.


Sure makes a pretty pattern and it sure helps relieve some anxiety.

As always, more to come.

5 thoughts on “Better Than

    1. Your prayers are a blessing. ❤️. I’m hopeful and feel better just knowing the CT is scheduled. I snuck that lyric in there. Glad you knew it. I’m going to try and work Barely Breathing into a Song Lyrics Sunday response 😊

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