Today is the Day! Spurred on by Book Club – Part 2

This post is as close to a review of the book as you will get from me.  Cait’s personal story is not to be judged.  Simply put, she is a survivor.

I read “The year of less” cover to cover in two days.  I can relate except for the spending sprees and binge drinking.  However, we are more alike than not as what you may have missed about me is that I have an addictive personality.  Shocking!  I know.  lol :).  I’ve fooled no one.

After the “incident” of 2006, we have done much of what is in the book but there is still room for improvement.  I really liked the nifty flow chart at the end which explains the whole premise of less.

Ironic don’t you think that a book about less, no shopping outside of necessities, and giving stuff away to find life worth more than what can be bought is SOLD to us.  Lol!  I easily amuse myself.

For my part, I borrowed.  Thanks again that S. picked it for our book club.  As I am doing with all reading, the public library is back in vogue and FREE!  Borrow, read, return and repeat.

Any Who, I cannot stop now.  My next goal is to donate the crap out of our stuff.  Yeppers!  B is going down this road with me.  He doesn’t know it yet but he won’t care as the ratio of stuff already leans toward me anyway.  Or maybe that just feeds someone else’s need to excessively CONSUME.  Maybe I need another wheelie bin to toss out “stuff” instead?  Oh well, whichever way we go, I am excited!  Can’t wait to live like our ancestors!  Off the land with NOTHING and EVERYTHING!  Wild and free.  Well except for this Internet thingy and of course TV 🙂

Recommended read, 4.2423729 out of 5 stars (Ha!).

As always, more to come.

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