A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

These are the supervisors of Western Electric circa 1970 something.  My devilishly handsome father-in-law is pictured in the center.  The only female (God bless her heart) is top row right. I circled them in blue, just because.  Not suggesting anything.

Or maybe I am? What really floors me is that this picture was taken in our recent history.  Says everything without speaking at all.  And you’re thinking land the plane Jilly.  Just what are you insinuating?  Well nothing really.  You be your own judge.

As always more to come.

8 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

  1. Definitely mid- to late-’70’s: the hairstyles, the guy in the 3-piece suit and the guy next to him in the leather jacket. Hey, and there’s only one black guy.

    My mother-in-law worked at Western Electric from World War II until Mary was born. Said it was the best job she had.

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  2. I would guess late 70s, based upon male hair styles (minus the 4 bald guys) and tie selection (other clothing too). I wonder how different a picture taken today would look. The equality fire was set in the 60s, but did not get a good burn goin’ until the 70s. Keep the fires burning.

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    1. My fear is the picture would look much the same … in certain industries anyway. And to be fair a picture of a hospital nursing staff from the same era might look vastly different. A reverse ratio of men to women. Definitely need to keep the fires burning.

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