I am asking for a friend. B will be so livid if he finds out I am doing this. But since he doesn’t do a single thing on social media I think I’ll get away with it scot-free. I’m airing dirty laundry and he’s not a big fan of that even though this particular pile of clothes is not related to us. Truly asking for a friend. wink wink 😉

Asking what you say? Well if you had a disabled relative accused of breaking a windshield for a second time would you pay for it with or without asking for a receipt? You see my friend thought she was so clever last time to ask for a picture. Her more intelligent better half quipped “that could be a picture of anyone’s car”. She paid through money order and never got a receipt.

Truth is stranger than fiction and all that but somehow deep down she feels she is being played. I mean this is a person who can barely walk. How’s he supposed to have the strength to shatter a windshield? Though he was off his meds. Two weeks without his shot. And supposedly just snapped.

Lots of other things have happened prior to this. Accusations have been lodged. Quite frankly I think my friend would rather remain in denial. Pay it to make it go away.

All advice is welcome.

9 thoughts on “WWYD

  1. i’d tell the relative I would pay for the replacement and then make the arrangements to replace myself and use a reputable dealer to do so. Then tell said relative, from now on it’s all on you.

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  2. That’s weird. How would a disabled person break a windshield? In any case, unless it was my kid asking for money, I’d be likely to give nothing since I don’t have much. If it were my kid, I’d be likely to help no matter what ~ but they wouldn’t ask. 🙂

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    1. His disability is mainly mental though he’s not in the best physical health either. It’s his money through disability income. If he owes it no doubt he’ll pay. Something just seems off on this one.

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