My Rental Car Smells Funky

I was almost going to write my rental car smells like ass.  That’s what I told B anyway.  And he joked back well you would know.  Lol!  No he did not tell me that.  This is fiction-esque.  So sue me.  No wait.  Don’t sue me.  Things are about to change around here.  We are belt-tightening.

And now that I have your attention.  This car does stink.  Pee-yew.  Tomorrow I will Febreze it.  And for the duration, I will use a fragrance clip in the vent.

Pretty nifty features on this car despite the atrocious smell, that I can’t quite name.  Any who, the car has keyless start, eco fuel, bluetooth, etc…  The eco stuff is space age.  My OCD is pinging delightfully at the fuel savings for last 25 miles alert on the space age panel which contains the speedometer, odometer, fuel level, temperature etc.

You … have … no … idea!  Woo to the hoo.  I am saving coin.

As always, more to come.


9 thoughts on “My Rental Car Smells Funky

      1. I was going to try and exchange it today but not really worth the hassle. The body shop just texted me that my car is in the paint shop. I might get it back by Friday. Fingers crossed while holding my nose. Could be worse. 😉

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