SoCS: Precious

Now if this is not the most precious thing you are ever going to read, I don’t know what is! Mary created a masterpiece. Passing along greatness!!

Mary J Melange


Is the congregation of people

under a church’s steeple

in a mosque

praying in a temple


Are the poor and meek

and technology geek

daughters of the rich

sons of middle class


Multi-colored range of hues

those whose boundaries refuse

to hate the hateful

or exist with intolerance


Righteous sinners

lottery winners

the far-flung right

and the liberal left


Moms, dads, sisters, brothers

grandpa, grandma, plenty of others

family and friends

acquaintances, neighbors


Wisdom in the elderly

hotshot thinking cleverly

baby in its mother’s arms

tween with a fan-girl crush


All sizes and shapes

superheroes with capes

those unable to see

those who struggle to read


The lost and the found

wanderers who get around

a mystic with spirit

a realist who loves the facts


The world in large scope

nations perpetuating hope

countries at war

refugees seeking home



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