More Funny Math or Maybe Just Funny Numbers

I am the other F word.  Frugal.  See here and here.

Before I could get my car fixed after playing bumper cars, I had to do the math.  What was my stupidity and a person running late for work going to cost me?

Answer $1250 smack-a-roos.  Dammit!@  not like I have money to throw out the window seeing as B’s employment may dry up in the next month.  When one door closes mantra keep me sane!

Any who.

I bit the bullet and I am getting the work done.  I forgot about my accident forgiveness so my insurance premiums won’t go up. The UM claim will provide me with a rental car for 10 days which is the estimated amount of time cover the 2nd accident.  I will need to figure out what to do to get around on the remaining days as the first accident was more expensive and will take longer to fix.

Do I borrow PoPo’s Honda or get permission to work from home?  Which if I do the latter I will become a hermit, shut-in who never bathes and either lives on Oreos or air.  Drama much?  Why yes drama always! I am the Queen comma Drama.  My title reigns supreme.  All the funny math and calculations to include that my car will be PAID OFF in only four more payments helped me move forward.  Though I wanted to save that $1250 to buy groceries over time.  Just in case ya know.

And if you haven’t noticed, I am a glass half empty kinda gal.  Sure I put on a big show.  Joking jokster but that is to laugh to keep from crying. I have to constantly remind myself that I am privileged because I am.  And with that comes responsibility to be a better person (or at least I think it does).

Things could be worse and while saying that makes some people cringe, things could be worse reminds me of my daddy.  Though his was more of a no use crying over spilt milk type of guy.  Wipe up the damn milk and move the hell on.  How Sweet It Is!  I am blessed and grateful.

As always, more to come.

5 thoughts on “More Funny Math or Maybe Just Funny Numbers

  1. LOL one could hope that the repairs take LESS time than expected…but that’s just me being a glass is half full kinda girl. Also, work from home is WAY better, saving money on laundry expenses because, hello, you work in your pjs.

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