Oh No You Didn’t

Okay peeps I have been writing about the purge aka my office clean up/reorg.  This morning I decided to start in earnest one more time and potentially knock it all out today!!!!  Funny how things keep multiplying despite me getting rid more and more “stuff”.  I am re-arranging never-ending piles of paperwork.  Shredding quickly what I know 100% for sure I can get rid of. Making new piles of potential keep or shred.  I think I need a new method.

Any who.  I found an un-opened box of ink for a printer we no longer own.  I know I bought the ink from Walmart because we have always bought our ink from Walmart.  I looked up return policy without receipt and off I went.

There was no line at the business office.  Whew! Because that almost never happens and it is Saturday after all.  Still early in the month.  I was sure I’d be standing in line forever.

Three clerks behind the counter with nothing to do and the one who was less than enthused stepped forward.

Me: I no have the receipt for this and I no longer own the printer this ink goes to.  It won’t work with my current printer.

Clerk: Would you like to get the correct ink?  

Me: I do not know the correct # for my current printer.  I wanted a Walmart gift card or however you do in-store credit.  Online it says no cashback.  I don’t expect cash.

Clerk: Our manager only allows ink to be exchanged for ink.

Me: Pfft then why did you ask me if I wanted to exchange the ink as if I had a choice? 

Yes my sarcastic smart a$$ has been known to come out unprovoked.

Clerk: Ma’am it’s his call.  He does it because ink is a high theft item. 

What the what?!??  Ma’am!  I am not a ma’am.  And back up the bus sister.  I did not steal the ink.  I was already feeling guilty for trying to return something for which I no longer had the receipt but to be accused of stealing.  Well I ought to … I ought to call the manager!

How does this story turn out?  Very boring.  No sparks flew.  Tail between my legs, I came right back home and found the correct # for the ink for my current printer.  Ink is ink after all and I will need replacement for my current printer eventually.

As always, more to come.

8 thoughts on “Oh No You Didn’t

    1. I forgot to mention she said it was store policy and I could try a different Walmart in a better part of town. Another oh no you didn’t moment!! East side and proud !! 🙂

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  1. Uhhh nothing worse. I was at the selfcheck out the other day, which now has a nice little screen with my image in it. I noticed it a month or so ago. This last visit it said, “recording in progress” I thought, that’s new. I looked at all the other check-outs being used, none of them said it. It made me mad,why I don’t know. But I wondered what made me different. I’ve neer stolen a thing. I’ve driven back to stores who gave me too much change. Pfft. I feel your pain about why’d you ask, like you had a choice. Made me think of when your deal with customer service who didn’t help resolve an issue, and they say, “is there anything else I can help you with today?” But you didn’t help me with this hahaha.

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