What A Way To Start My Day

Happy Monday Bloglandia!!

My day started off grand with a fender bender.  Seems someone (not me) was late for work.  As we stopped in the crossover waiting for the traffic to pass, the car behind me decided to make a run for it and dart around me and across the lanes into Lone Star Bakery parking lot.  I was looking right and didn’t see him as he was in my blind spot.  Once the lanes were clear, I turned left into him.  Low speed/low impact, no insurance.  Figures!  He was on the other side of the double yellow lines, clearly his fault.  And he was still late for work.  Bexar county sheriff showed up, took report, issued tickets and off we went.

At times like this I become reflective.  I wonder who I pissed off for karma to get me like this.  Payback.  I always assume I am deserving of payback for something.  Because if you could read my mind.  Well, let’s just say good thing you can’t.

I am jittery and do not want to drive.  I want a chauffeur.  Is that too much to ask?  Princess needs a body-guard.

As always, more to come.

13 thoughts on “What A Way To Start My Day

  1. I’m glad you’re okay! I feel like sometimes other people’s karma (his) tends to end up with others (you) being caught up in the crossfire.

    Or maybe I’m trying to make you feel better, either way, it wasn’t your fault! These things happen unfortunately. ❤

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  2. I’m glad it was low-impact and no injuries. Perhaps Karma wasn’t mad at you. Perhaps Karma just needed some help paying that guy back for something and she (I always thought Karma was a female) knew she could count on you.

    Idiot drivers make my head hurt. How much of a hurry does one have to be in to decide that being that stupid is the way to go?

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    1. lol! Karma is definitely female. And maybe you are right. The guy is getting paid back for something. I wonder if he was on some warning like late again and you’re fired. He was just feet away from the parking lot of his workplace. I wish he had waited and/or I wish I had a car with a blind spot indicator.

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  3. Bummer! Similar thing happened to me a couple years back when my car was new ~ hit & run on the freeway, clipped my fender. I drove after him but he zoomed off and I couldn’t chase him. My uninsured covered it but still! I blamed myself for playing board games late and coming home when the drunks and crazies were on the roads. You have my sympathies!

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