Balcony KK-4

Balcony KK-4 means something y’all!!!!

This morning started off rough.

Then even keel.  Then the text from hell.  Which you read into.  In absence of evidence make stuff up.  Imagine the most horrible.  Pray it comes true!

Maintain control mama.  You can’t fix everything for her.  Hell you can’t fix ANYTHING!  Let things unfold.  Deep breath, pretend. Go to meetings and work rather productively.

Quitting time. Fill up your glass to go.  Because you like crushed ice.  And you need to drink MORE water.

Drive home tentatively.  Which is another accident waiting to happen.  Get home.  B is in the field shredding.  His parent’s place first.  Dammit.  He is a nice guy.  You are lucky and you know it!

And you knew he had to shred while the weather was cooperating.  You will catch up later tonight because you have book club.  And you are rushing.  You drop your lunch bag onto counter which topples your glass full of iced water with the nice ice from work.  Damn incentive.  Drink more water my ass. ;).  The spill is heading toward the mail that you grab as quick as you can.  Water bill is toast.  How ironic is that?   This toast is not wet.  You got it?  Of course you would.  But good because I was wondering.

Your mind is spinning.  You see a certain piece of mail and scream sH!t!  That cannot get wet.  You begin to tear it open quickly and thank goodness the contents can be saved.  Not even damp.  Yippee!!!! Now safely tucked away in the hide-e-hole until showtime!

This rambling stream was brought to you courtesy of it helps to write because writing the crazy gets it out of my head and/or I had to unleash the hounds.  Aaaaaahhh Calgon take me away.  What a spoiled entitled princess I am!!!!! So not worthy, so not worthy!!!!

As always, more to come.

2 thoughts on “Balcony KK-4

  1. You’ve got some good shows there! I’ve seen Jersey Boys 3 times and it never disappoints. Fiddler on the Roof too. We don’t have such a good selection (IMO) this season.

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    1. We had quit getting season tickets back when we only liked two out of seven shows. This year I’m excited for all of them especially Hamilton. That’s my bonus score!

      Liked by 1 person

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