#FlashFiction 9/16


Car locked and bags in hand, Sam scurries through the drizzle to front of the store.

James is late again. She wonders if he’ll show up. Lately he is full of excuses. Is this the beginning of the end?

Swoosh, the doors part, Sam steps in wiping her feet and shaking off the cold. She’ll walk off her worry. One lap, then two.

The big box retailer is almost empty except for a few workers stocking shelves.

Hehehehehe. Giggles

As she arounds the corner looking down the aisle no one is there.

Tittering shadows

Turns another corner, another empty aisle.

Yet she knows she’s not alone. Her pace quickens. Her heartbeat does too.

A big booming voice bellows over the PA system. Attention Sam today’s your lucky day!

As always more to come.


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