Uh Yea, That’s Not Gonna Work

… is what I said as I tried on pants to wear to work. So many outfits, so little time 😂. That’s it!!

Today I’m turning over my new leaf.

I know.

You’ve heard this before.

But technically this is a NEW new leaf 🍁. It’s regarding my health or lack there of.

I’m walking and making better food choices. I’m not trying funny stuff to lose weight. I just want to feel better. Hopefully this new routine will stick.

Any advice on how to stay with a plan? My comments section is open for business. I’d really like to know.

As always more to come.

24 thoughts on “Uh Yea, That’s Not Gonna Work

  1. For me the number one rule has to be, “Just say no.” No I don’t want soda with my meal, no I don’t want bread while I wait. No, I don’t to munch chips to get me through till dinner. I love nuts! I just eat them without weighing my options. Making our food helps so much. Eating out is the real killer of all well intentioned eating lifestyle changes. Good luck. I know you’ll do what you really want to.

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    1. Good advice. I can do some of those things just not always consistently. I have cut myself some slack though. Slow and steady and slipping back is not the end of the world. Much worse things going on out there.

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  2. Overall, I think we all are so different, we have to seriously evaluate what really works for us as individuals. I won’t do exercise for the sake of exercise. I eat well, cause I love good for you stuff, but I eat my share of crap. I’m a foodie, but not every meal can be a foodie one! I will not deprive myself of anything, but I do make choices, lots of little choices. My weekday breakfasts are fruit with either hard cheese, oats, granola, or eggs and my work lunches are consistently Greek yogurt, fruit, and nuts. On the weekend, I live to eat large midday meals whether I cook them or go out. Monday is almost always salad night, but at least one night a week is salad. I walk mostly, yoga, swim, dance, row, and I occasionally lift a weight, jump rope, shoot hoops, or play tennis. I want roller skates 🙂 We plank before dinner, it’s a game. So much depends on the weather and the mood. I’ll go to the gym if someone else in the house goes too, but I won’t spend hours there. Here’s the thing: If I do it to lose weight or fat or inches, it adds anxiety. Then I feel like I’ve got to be careful and measure and weigh and it’s just no good. However, if I do something active that I enjoy, then I make a little check mark on my calendar and at the end of the month, I see all my check marks and I feel good, this reduces my anxiety. I think “Wow, prolly not gonna get heart disease with all those check marks.” If my pants get tight, I just lay off the ice cream. My treat is soda, and I am so deprived 😉 Like, I had one Thursday and I can’t wait to have another, because addict, but do you know how long and how fast you have to run to burn off ONE soda?!? Diets suck. Exercise programs suck. So I say, figure out how to eat more of the healthy foods you love and be careful with your indulgence of the other, and do your very best to sparingly consume non-food posers. Figure out which active stuff you like to do and do those things not because it’s a chore and you need to rock your pants, but because your health, happiness, and self-satisfaction are worth being active. The health benefits of exercise are undeniable, even if you don’t lose a pound or an inch, (which you will) you’d just FEEL better x

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    1. Best info ever! THANK YOU for sharing!!

      I have become anxious with all this and did not even realize. For years I was stick thin and did nothing to be that way. Well actually I did. I was not eating or eating like a bird and that’s no bueno. I ballooned up on medication and since going sans meds, I am back down to a normal weight.

      The pants thing snuck up on me as I have been shaving my legs often enough to wear dresses to work. Too tight jeans are the worst. I look at my neighbor across the aisle and want to be her. Tall, fit statuesque. Beautiful curly hair. Problem is that I have reach my full potential height and statuesque is not in the cards :).

      I want roller skates too! Now that is exercise masquerading as FUN! like a wolf in sheep’s clothing ;). Only I broke my arm last year and I think I’d be a very tentative roller skater, afraid to fall and break another body part. Ah the perks of being post 50!

      Happy Saturday!

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      1. Right, so ixnay the skate idea… And no eating like a bird, you won’t have any energy — so see, you already know some stuff that won’t work for you.
        I know, right? When I was young, I thought I would grow up to be long and leggy like my mama, oh and tan. That did not pan out for me.

        Med weight is THE WORST.

        Good luck with the pants situation 🙂

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  3. I don’t have a magic plan or anything, but I think once you start exercising more (walking is great!!), and incorporating healthier foods into your diet, it starts to become routine and a way of life. I like to think of the quote “eat less, move more.” Best of luck.. you got this!!!

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  4. Hmm. Don’t overthink it. Keep yourself busy and active doing things you like. Maybe venture down a street nearby that you never really look at.

    You can do it! I’m a chubby girl who’s accepted that I’m unlikely to change drastically, so I’m limiting unhealthy things for the weekends (but not stressing if I lapse because that just turns into a negative cycle). I aim to walk at least 50k steps a week and that keeps me on track.

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    1. That’s wonderful advice! I’m not looking to change drastically either. I just want to feel better! I used to count my steps and stopped. I think I’ll start that up again too. 😊

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  5. I had to accept the fact that it wasn’t going to be easy, and I was probably going to be irritated because I couldn’t eat what I wanted when I wanted. I also realized it’s okay to hate exercising- so hate it and do it anyway. I was dangerously close to type II diabetes, blood pressure high, overweight. No matter what plan you chose (I just went with a low glycemic load) food choices and exercise are ultimately what works. 😊

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  6. I have had good success with Hungry Girl. She was a former Weight Watcher who lost weight and then formulated her own program. Mostly it is healthy eating with lots of veggies but I have found that her portions are very generous sizes so you stay full longer. She has a lot of recipes out there and has put together a Hungry Girl Diet which I followed and lost 40 pounds on. It is easy to do and does not require getting a lot of special foods, just simple basic recipes, the kind the whole family would eat. http://www.hungry-girl.com is her site. I liked the “diet” because she gives you a basic 3 meals plus snacks each day with 3 choices for each meal for the first week. After that she adds more choices but each one is about 300 calories. You don’t have to count calories but you do have to measure so that the portions are correct. When I pay attention, I do well. When I let my husband order Chinese food or pizza and I eat some, I don’t do as well. Her snacks are amazing too. I really like her strawberries stuffed with ricotta cheese and topped with chocolate chips!

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  7. Stick with it, those small changes will add up quicker than you think! I’ve tried everything under the sun (who hasn’t?) and the best results came when I made those exact small changes towards a healthier life. A walk a day: one mile turns into three. Healthier food choices: counting calories turns into a true desire to nurture your body with clean, whole foods. You’ve absolutely got this, girl!

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