Tactile sensations

Slipping shaved legs underneath

Freshly laundered sheets

11 thoughts on “Haiku

      1. I wrote that 36 years ago for class. We had to read our haikus aloud. Funny what one remembers. Feels like yesterday. I never had a venue to share beyond that small group until now.


      2. Ahhh …. memories. My mind is sort of shot ….. so memories are (thankfully) a bit vague, as a rule.
        I used to write a lot of rhyming stuff as a schoolboy. For reasons unknowable I have only one from back then that springs to mind right now ….

        β€˜Harry my uncle
        lives in the jungle
        resides with the birds and the bees
        gorilla? he likes them
        but claims the things tend to bite him
        and the pollen – it makes him to sneeze.’

        I have no idea why I am telling you this.

        Certainly it is not my greatest work (or perhaps it is … I have little conception of my good and bad moments) but I do have a certain nostalgic fondness for it.

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