J-Dub’s Review of Bad Jobs and Poor Decisions by JR Helton

Here is the backstory/set up Someone Took My Story Idea

Yep! Don’t think the story line was such a good idea for this guy either.  I stop short of going any further because this is a memoir so who am I to judge?  No one.  The correct answer is no one.

What was neat about this book was every time he mentioned an address or place, I could visualize the scene.  Threw me right back to my youth.  I know people like this or should say I did back in the day.  Some have grown up and out of that life while others are perpetually stuck in the 80s.  Made me sad overall and I guess with topics of bad jobs and poor decisions, I should not be surprised.

Not giving a rating.  Recommend that you give it a read if you’ve nothing better to do and/or you like to be sad. I for one am going back to pure d as in DELIGHTFUL fiction.  You guys need to remind me to stay away from non-fiction unless it is of the uplifting variety.

As always, more to come.



2 thoughts on “J-Dub’s Review of Bad Jobs and Poor Decisions by JR Helton

    1. Describes a lot of lives. The poor decisions piece especially. I’d like to think I am making better decisions now thanks to learning from my mistakes aka past crappy decisions.


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