Random Thoughts

I have to wonder what it would be like if my mom and dad were both still here and in good health.  I miss them daily and I am sure they’d have the answers for me, just like they did when I was a kid.

I can hear my daddy’s voice who on a number of occasions told me “You’ll be okay Chili, no harm done, it could have been worse” And supposedly the experts say you shouldn’t say that to a depressed person.  Saying things could be worse minimizes her feelings.  The whole gunshot to the chest or gunshot to the leg debate.  Both hurt like hell but one is more likely to kill you.  Degrees of sympathy.  Let me have some whine and cheese over my champagne problems.  Which really aren’t all that bubbly.

How about instead we have empathy all around?

Ugh I am waxing philosophical today.  NOTHING is really good or bad is it?  Everything just IS what it is until it isn’t!  I have B and we are figuring things out.  Put that in your proverbial peace pipe and smoke it.  Now, now I tell myself.  No need to get feisty.

As always, more to come.

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