Throw Back from the Sunday Before Labor Day in 2014

Lulu and I just got back from Quarry Nails at the Quarry shopping mall and oh what a day we have had …

Me: “oh my god, there is Luca from the Next Food Network star” … sitting directly across from me. Such a friendly face, those dimples. 

Lulu: “huh?”

Me (holding kindle up to block my face as I turn sideways to Lulu in the chair next to me): “He may be trying to hide behind those Clark Kent glasses but it is him! I know it!”

Lulu: “I have no idea who you are talking about.”

Me: “the show your dad and I watched with Lenny the cowboy cook, Luca was robbed”

Lulu: “Still don’t know.  You and dad can have a fan girl moment when we get home”

I didn’t say a word, acted like I was reading. The girl doing my nails laughed because she knew that I recognized him. The employees were giving him ‘space’

In addition to the Luca sighting (I am so going to Silo or Nosh to have him cook for me), the people watching was most enjoyable today …

An older married couple was in Quarry Nails with us too.

Husband (loudly proclaims): “You know how many times I have done this? Zero, yep that’d be zero.  Oh by the way I forgot to shave my legs and my wife forgot to shave her legs too”

Wife (slapped him gingerly on the shoulder):  “I did shave my legs!  You are not funny and these people don’t want to listen to you. Sssshhhh”

Oh but we did, at least I did . I laughed all the way home. It’s little things that make you smile. Things like mother daughter pedicures and couples in LOVE <3.  Happy Sunday before Labor Day FB friends and family, make it a good one.

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