Song Lyric Sunday: Theme: ‘Car/Cars’- Song ‘Chicago’ by Sufjan Stevens

Simone picked a good one! Sharing the goodness. ❤

Simone: By The River

Thanks to Helen (at This Thing Called Life One Word At A Time) for this week’s theme of ‘car/cars’.

I decided to take a slightly different angle and go with Sufjan Stevens’ song Chicago; in the lyrics a van is mentioned instead but I figured that’s close enough! It’s a pretty great little song, about travelling and journeys and so on. I’ve been lucky enough to see Stevens play before…he’s absolutely fantastic live.

This song comes from the 2005 album IllinoisThere’s a lot to know about this album so if you’d like to read more, please click on the link. Also, a live version of the song is included below if you’d like to have a listen to this one as well.

I fell in love again
All things go, all things go
Drove to Chicago
All things know, all things know
We sold…

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