The Secret to Happiness.

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It’s really quite simple. Really.

A happy person is one who sees beauty all around them. Every time you see something beautiful, you get a little burst of happy juice. The more beautiful things you see, the happier you’ll be. (Looking in the mirror is nice but not a good single solution.)

I suppose one way to do this is to make lots of money and then live in an architect designed home, nail a trophy spouse, and surround yourself with great art. Listen to nothing but great music, wear nothing but haute couture and eat nothing but haute cuisine. This approach has problems. There is a long process of getting there which could get ugly if things don’t go right. Once you get there, you may have become too jaded to enjoy it. It is possible to become bored with great art. Not to mention how many bodies you stepped over on the way…

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Wait! There was a book?

We are late to the Netflix game. Who knew how addictive television could be?

Rhetorical. Uh Duh!  <ahem>

We started binging Orange is the New Black this year. We had not been watching it lately because it’s not something to watch with your kiddo. But now that she’s back home … at her other home, we started up again.

Season 6 just started in July.  We are on episode 3 of Season 4  and quickly catching up. In any case, today I found out Orange is the New Black was a book before it was a Netflix series. I’m definitely going to scope that out.

As always more to come.

So, … Kind of Scary But Not

Not beating a dead horse (worst expression ever).  This time I am talking about how quickly we reverted back to life without Lulu.  Because guess what folks?  You can love your kids more than life but the natural of order of things is for them to move out and be independent.  Will make any time spent together that much more special.  ❤ ❤ ❤

As always more to come.