So, … I Should’ve Said Something

Trying to find words to express my concerns but not sure there’s anything to say. You tell yourself you heard wrong. Or it wasn’t meant the way you took it. You ask B if it bothered him. A little I guess is all he will say. But you know this man and you see his pain. Matching your own.

Seeing your fragile kid take it because she believes she’s not worth anything is like a sucker punch to the gut. She deserves better. We all do.

For some reason many think it’s okay to make fun of fat people. It’s not. Especially by the ones who are supposed to love you the most.

A friend and I were just discussing this very topic. When someone made a comment about how much weight her child had gained, she went off. She told me she screamed. “Well at least my daughter isn’t a <fill the the blank> who lets any guy she meets f her up the @!@!&.”

She is more momma bear than me. I should’ve said something. Yet as good as that probably felt, I can’t go around screaming obscenities.

Maybe if the chance presents itself I can attempt to educate. I’m back to I heard it wrong and/or he didn’t mean it that way. And until then I pray she’ll be okay.

As always more to come.

5 thoughts on “So, … I Should’ve Said Something

    1. Thank you. That’s just not right and often times adults are worse. As a kid I’d mouth off when someone said something to/about my disabled brother. My favorite was to sass off “take a picture it’ll last longer”. I also learned to flip the bird at an early age. Lol. With my daughter it’s different. I’m older not as sassy. If I had told him to stop it, she’d have been mad at me. Confrontation spikes her anxiety. This just feels wrong. And it’s the second time this happened where I’ve heard. It’s like he’s testing me. B says I’m overthinking but I’m fairly empathetic about these things.

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