So, … For Sale

B: Oh I forgot to tell you there’s a coral snake living near our front porch.

Me: They don’t strike right? They have to gnaw. So if I’m quick, I’ll be okay right?

B: Just be careful. I tried to gig it but they’re fast. I’ll eventually get him.

Lulu: Red and yellow kill a fellow. Red and black okay Jack.

Me: Lovely. We’re moving.

And then I saw a FB reminder from two years ago where I was looking to downsize. Coincidence? I think not. My nest is still empty. We don’t need all this room.

As always more to come.

3 thoughts on “So, … For Sale

  1. Any shotgun will do the trick. So will any large caliber revolver with snakeshot. You could use just about any gun but with shot you don’t have to be perfecvtly accurate.

    Or a long heavy stick. Or call animal control and let them deal with it.

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