So, … For Sale

B: Oh I forgot to tell you there’s a coral snake living near our front porch.

Me: They don’t strike right? They have to gnaw. So if I’m quick, I’ll be okay right?

B: Just be careful. I tried to gig it but they’re fast. I’ll eventually get him.

Lulu: Red and yellow kill a fellow. Red and black okay Jack.

Me: Lovely. We’re moving.

And then I saw a FB reminder from two years ago where I was looking to downsize. Coincidence? I think not. My nest is still empty. We don’t need all this room.

As always more to come.

Update on the 2018-2019 SoCS Badge Contest

Take a look and get ready to vote on Thursday!!

Normally about now I’d be reminding everyone to hurry up and get their entries in for the Stream of Consciousness Saturday badge contest before the deadline. But there’s no need! Ten bloggers were so quick this year, I had to cut off the contest early.

If you’d like to go and have a look at all the lovely badges, here’s the link to the post: you’ll find the individual links in the comment section. I cleaned it up a bit so there’s only one of each.

I’ll write a post with links to them all on Thursday, along with a poll so everyone can vote on their favourite.

Thanks to all the contestants for your awesome badges! Best of luck to all!

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