So, … Perception or Perspective

Is this like -ic or -ical from SoCS?

Nope! Close but no cigar. Which comes from old timey carnival games where cigars were prizes. 😮

Any who! I’m in a giggling 🤭 mood. Here’s why. Rabbit 🐰 hole ready to ramble?

B’s grandma was the 2nd oldest of 13. There were 31 grandchildren aka first cousins. PoPo (of Internet building fame) is the oldest and S is the baby. Ages 75 to 45 and everything in between. Today they had a reunion at the Den. Locals will know this joint. Good times to be had by all. Before PoPo left we went to return his car and visit.

There were old pictures everywhere. Such a wonderful stroll down memory lane. In one, it was PoPo with his mom and dad. He was about 4 or 5. I want a do over to go back and take a pic of that pic for memories sake.

PoPo: Wasn’t my mom beautiful?

Us: Yes! Inside and out.

PoPo: That’s my daddy G. He didn’t know how many times he was married.

Us: How do you not know that?

PoPo: Who knows? He kept secrets. Each time he married he got progressively worse. My mom was beautiful. His 2nd wife was very pretty. Then J she was just okay. And that woman he was with when he died, well she was a dog.

Then me (for only Lord knows why) I start snorting with laughter.

A dog huh? Well I love dogs so, … there is that.

Followed by hey 👋 I resemble that remark. Ruff! Ruff! Bark!

Where’d that expression ever come from. She’s a dog. What about ugh-mo males? Are they dogs too?

U.G.L.Y you ain’t got no alibi you ugly yea yea you ugly. And who decides who is ugly anyway? 🤔

Perception/Perspective. Finally J-Dub lands the plane.

As always more to come.

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