Epiphany Moment

Lots on my mind these days.  So here I come to release the hounds.  But there is not much bark or bite.  Instead a realization.  Amazing how things happen like that.  Epiphany moment.

Sometimes life sucks.  No two ways about it.  No amount of sugar-coating can take away the bitterness.  Just when things seem the worst and the break is about to happen, someone tells you something about a more serious circumstance.  Not only could things be worse, they always are but for someone else.  As my luck would have it, I have never been the person on the bottom of the pile.  I bet if many of you think about, same for you too.  No one has cornered the market on pain.  Even after some pretty horrific stuff.  Case in point.

April 2014.  B is in an accident.  Scaffolding collapsed and he with it plummeting from about 10-12 feet to hard floor.  Breaking wrist and pulverizing face.  Rushed to ER where he was placed in surgical ICU for a possible brain bleed.  And me.  Stoic Jill.  Sent everyone away and didn’t even tell Pony and Wise at the time.  I remember as noon time turned into afternoon and evening I was asked to leave the ICU for shift change.  The surreal scene was something like this.

Me walking to waiting room that had been empty hours earlier but at the time was full to the brim without a single open chair. Me sobbing, blending into the wall and sliding down to the floor utterly alone and broken.

Man with kind face walked over to me.

Is your loved one going to be okay Mija?

Through tears, I hope so.  They say he will be.

Come here take my seat.  Now that this has happened we are family.

He proceeded to tell me of the horrific accident that nearly killed his son while he himself miraculously survived without a scratch.  As they were passing on the highway, a 16 ft metal rod broke loose from the back of a semi truck.  Like a javelin the rod went through the windshield nearly decapitating his son.  His son was airlifted and in surgery when I entered the waiting room.  They had faith sure but no idea if he’d survive his extensive injuries.

Extreme examples of course.  But I picked them on purpose.  Because both were serious, only one was worse.  Perspective.

As always, more to come.



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