For 8/14/18 Sing Along Song – Signs

Happy Tuesday people of the Earth can you hear me?

Can you name that tune?

Which verse, the title or the opening sentence?

Why both, it’s twofer Tuesday!

First the Five Man Electric Band with Signs.  Disclaimer, this is not mine, this is a link:

Followed by one hit wonder Billy Thorpe – Children of the Sun.  Disclaimer, this is also not mine, this is a link:

Speaking of signs because that is the original concept for this post.  My co-worker several rows down has several signs pasted to his monitors.  One says:  “Pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered”  Anyone know what the heck that means?!?!?  If you do, comments por favor.

During some conversations early last week, I was going to make a sign “nobody cares but you Jill” and put it on my desk at work.  I have since thought better of it (thank you Janet) so as not to offend anyone.  Sure other people care.  Just who the hell do I think I am???My meaning is actually you should not care so much Jill about that which does not matter in the big scheme of this thing called LIFE. Prince lyric inserted here Oh you dearly beloved.  Know that stress kills and complaining addles the brain.

As always, more to come.


9 thoughts on “For 8/14/18 Sing Along Song – Signs

  1. LOL I didn’t mean to spoil your motivational sign, Jill. It’s been a while since I was working in an office with other people and perhaps everyone would get the real intention of it. Maybe I’m just too touchy? My husband says I have no sense of humor. I say I just have a different sense of humor than he does. The beginning of “Children of the Sun” looks like something my iTunes visualizer makes.

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