So, … The Flim-Flam Man

I started a FB page due to the 8/1/18 privacy changes.  I have learned that the pages are primarily for businesses.  I am NOT a business.  I just wanted an easy way to connect FB and WP.  I do not understand what is happening on my FB page despite all the stats and the daily notifications.  Some new terms that I am still trying to get a handle on include:

  • Organic versus Paid
  • Reach versus Engagement
  • Boost which is promote for $5 or $10
  • Type and Target

Apparently I am targeting the world by link.  And in that I somehow got an offer.  Maybe one that is TOO good to believe but also TOO good to refuse if it IS true.  Someone has said that they want to help me publish my stories.  Uh ya right.  Ashton Kutcher come on out now.  I know I have been Punked!  Not nice to do that to an old lady.

As always, more to come.

12 thoughts on “So, … The Flim-Flam Man

  1. I can barely read my page after I post something. They clutter it up with “Only you can see this post” nonsense trying to get me to pay for ads or they fill up my messenger box with the like. No calls though!

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  2. I get those all the time. Even get phone calls from purported agents. Not really scams but they promise far more than you’ll get.. You pay them large sums of money, they provide a service which is extremely overpriced for what you get. They will tell you about the publishers who are interested (without actually naming them) and all you have to do is ($$$). Repeat process.

    I used one of them once. I got a screenplay I could have done better for myself. Even got a promotional video which wasn’t too bad. But then I still had to do all the real promotional work myself. They weren’t saving me a dime but charging a lot for having entries in book fairs.

    If I could have flown to London (or Rio) to hawk my book at the fair myself, it might have made a difference but that wasn’t in any budget I was going to have. So I don’t do business with such people any more.

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  3. I think they made the change to try and drum up business, seeing as how their stock price has taken such a hit. They aren’t making me feel any better about it. I wonder if it’s possible to create a group for promoting blogs and post to it automatically…? They get any more obnoxious about it, I’ll say “f*** this noise” and close my account. They’re already on my s*** list… (I wasn’t sure about your policy on cussing in your comment section…)

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    1. I am finding out in random ways that it isn’t so bad. I just do not like that I was to luck into some of these things. Janet told me a way to easily share. I tested it and it works. I can ignore the promote notifications easy enough. I am a free for all no rules type 🙂 cuss away.


  4. Facebook has gradually been reducing the number of people who see Pages, and ramping up the pressure to pay them to promote it.

    My NoFacilities page is growing slowly (organically) but the number of nudges I get to promote it is growing rapidly. I have no intention of paying them.

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  5. Girl, I am SO struggling with the 8/1 changes! My FB page isn’t really out there, not much, and I can’t seem to get anything to post anymore to my profile (which is how a lot of my friends/acquaintances followed my blog). I keep backing away from it because trying to solve the connection issues raises my blood pressure. Sheesh!! 🙄

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    1. It is a mess for sure. My page is working okay and I can ignore the notifications to promote and sell. But I’d have to blast my friends group and they’d have to like my page to see my blog. I have not blasted anyone but I will send the link when someone asks me.


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