So, … Comparing Notes

Pony: Were your audits anonymous?

Me: No and I had people mad at me all the time.

Pony: Us too that’s why we changed to anonymous.

Me: You’re lucky.  Now you don’t have to hear all the excuses.

Pony rattles off two or three excuses and I laugh. If I had a nickel for every time I heard that 😂.  Same song, same verse.

Then I hurled a few expletives considering my current situation.

Pony: We protect the bank and need to be independent. We’re not there to worry about people’s feelings.

Me:  Damn straight.

Me: Do y’all take that stupid Gallup poll?

Pony: Not sure who administers the poll but yep we take a satisfaction survey every year.

Me: Engagement survey you mean?

Pony: Uh ya, right.  Engagement.  If you say so.  I always take it but I hold back because there’s no such thing as anonymity. (apple didn’t fall far from this sarcastic tree)

Me: Do they coach you on what the questions are supposed to mean?

Pony: No.  In fact, the managers are not even allowed to talk to us about it.  Well other than to ask us to please take the survey and the survey is open from this date to this date.

Me: Hmm.  Nice.  As it SHOULD be.

More expletives.

B: You’re not at work Jill.  There has to be something better to talk about.

Me:  Oh ya, hey have you seen …

As always more to come.

#SoCS for 8/11/18 ~ Bodily Functions

GM everyone!!! Happy tax free Saturday in Texas to y’all.  It is time once again for #SoCS. My favorite day of the week!  Here’s what we got to work with:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “bodily function.” Decide on one or write about a whole bunch of bodily functions. Bonus inspiration: here’s a website. Enjoy!

Well alrigthy then.  This could get messy or … this could get interesting.

Resist the urge, resist the urge, resist the urge.

Don’t do that! “They” whoever “they” are say you should never resist the urge.

For what? Or what?

Oh good gracious.  Never mind.  Did you see the link Linda gave us?  Why don’t you look there for inspiration.  It is BONUS and you LOVE bonus!!

Hold on folks! We temporarily interrupt this regularly scheduled flow to check-out the website.

And we are back!

Wow!  Did you see  all the tion, a-tion words?  BIG words that are hard to pronounce but are interesting for sure.

Yep I called it!  This post is interesting.

Not yet silly.  You have not even shared anything.  The people have learned nothing from you.

Well how about I save my over-sharing for my other posts and right now I just make a lame attempt at bodily function poetry?

Sounds good but keep it clean.

Ahem. Tussis, tussis or cough, cough. (bodily functions warm up)


and the world experiences  CACHINNATION with you


and you experience LACHRYMATION alone

I am a poet who didn’t know it.  Get it?

I do! and you are also a physic!

I am?

Well these past few weeks you have been.  Your roller coaster of emotions has produced buckets of psychic tears.  As citing the article by Paul Anthony Jones:

psychic tears, are those produced as a response to a mental or emotional stimulus.

Yep that was me.  And I even had a case of the SINGULTUS.  But I am better now.  Besides CACHINNATION is much more my thang.  The only thing wrong with me right now is that I am hungry.

Indubitably! I heard your BORBORYGMI.  So let’s go masticate our way through breakfast.

If you’d like to join this merry band of prompt respondents or see their works extraordinaire, look here for the Rules and Ping Back

As always, more to come.