So, … What’s a girl to do?

Well if that girl is Jill and it is her me day then she:

  1. Completes round two of returns to Nordstrom Rack. Since they don’t have the larger size, she leaves empty handed
  2. Goes back to the scene of the crime a.k.a. DSW and she apologizes in person.
  3. Drops into Jasons deli for the most wonderful chicken salad with pineapple and almonds.
  4. Goes to the Bijou.
  5. Takes pictures pre show for a blog post to follow.
  6. Watches the movie Three Identical Strangers. And she is outraged for the triplets, their families and all those affected. Such injustice! Those research assistants should be ashamed. The lack of remorse is unconscionable. Review post to follow.
  7. Goes to the library to get the following book which is sure to pack a punch. Nonfiction along the same vein as the movie in that it chronicles how parents/families cope. Said book has been made into a movie to be released shortly. Her therapist would say “oh Jill why do you do this to yourself?”

As always more to come.

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