J-Dub’s Movie Review of Three Identical Strangers

Question: How does one critique a documentary?

Answer: You don’t.

It’s no spoiler to say what the movie is about because it’s been widely publicized. Triplets (David, Eddy, and Bobby) separated at birth only to accidentally find each other 19 years later.

The bigger story is about the Louise Wise adoption agency, Dr. Peter Neubauer, and the secret study on multiples. The purpose of the study remains unclear but could be nature versus nurture or mental illness. All three were placed in different Socio economic families: affluent middle class, and blue-collar.

Eddy dies by suicide. In the movie they use the dreaded C word and say how he did it which should be avoided say the mental health advocates. There was blame cast upon Eddy’s father. Which I personally believe is extremely unfair. There is no way to know the motives. The only person who knows is unable to tell.

I think what happened is unconscionable and I am particularly disgusted by the two research assistants who were interviewed because of their callous and flippant remarks. Yet I am fascinated by all the theories. Nature versus nurture. One of the relatives interviewed said it’s both and in her opinion and that nurture can overcome nature all the time. I have to politely disagree with that sentiment. Nurture can overcome nature some but not all of the time.

The two remaining triplets David and Bobby talk about how they concentrated on what was the same but that there were always differences. Those differences went beyond how they were nurtured. Though David does credit his father who raised him for saving him by providing such a loving and stable presence.

There’s really not too much else to tell only that I did find it very disturbing as more bombs were dropped. They were together at the agency for six months. The separation likely lead to behavioral issues like head banging. We learned the boys were purposely placed in families who had adopted daughters two years before. From this you know how deeply the entire thing was orchestrated. How this could’ve happened in my lifetime is beyond me. To quote David “that’s some Nazi shit”

Highly recommended. Score 4.8 out of five stars or two thumbs up.

As always more to come.

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