(Aug. 6/18) “I Spy With My Little I, Something That Is READ.”

Sometimes life puts you right where you are supposed to be. I found this gem today. Reclaim your inner child people! I may just need to break out my Trixie Belden books for a stroll down memory lane.

I Will Wry-se Up

Context: By seeking to be more than enough, I put a world of distance between me and my best self…

So–much like that reformed phony baloney, The Wizard of Oz,  who naturally saw the best in the scarecrow, tin man, and cowardly lion…

but, bungled the rescue of the one who rescued them–

I easily saw the wonderful in others, but unintentionally failed my inner child by leaving her behind.

And, over the past few weeks, my misguided rationale/intentions became clear…

A rescuer at heart,

I’ve employed two strategies…

  1.  (For their sake…thus, mine as well) Putting protective separation between others and myself in order to shield them from the magnetic-toxicity I couldn’t seem to escape…


2. Keeping others close in order to be their buffer in a world that,

in my earliest years, I was taught to mistrust.

These (at any cost) strategies became the hardest things I’ve ever done;

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2 thoughts on “(Aug. 6/18) “I Spy With My Little I, Something That Is READ.”

  1. Inner children can be problematic. When I reconnected with mine, it led to my embracing a side of me that would cause social disapproval in most settings. There can penalties for letting your “freak flag” fly.

    But it was either that or self-destruct.

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