So, … Nostalgia At Ye Old Cinema

Today I went to the mall now known as Wonderland of the Americas, formerly Crossroads mall, originally the Malls of Wonderland Shopping City to see a movie.  At one time the Wonder Theatre was above ground.

Wonder Theatre, San Antonio, TX.

We saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang here in 1968.  The theater was razed in the mid to late 70s and a new underground sixplex was built.

Currently dubbed Bijou Cinema or simply the Bijou (not be confused with other famous venues of the same name), this theater is finally getting a much needed renovation.

While wallpaper is peeling, baseboards are missing, and it still has a musty smell vaguely masked by the smells from the snackbar, there are brand new seats. And I’m talking nice seats. Nicer seats than Alamo Draft House or Casa Blanca IMO.

Three Identical Strangers was playing in theater six which happened to be the last one at the very end of a long dark hallway. As I made my way to my seat, I passed a set of stairs on the left going up to doors that were locked. I believe those doors lead to the outside street. But I cannot be sure.

Note the covered handrails to the right because they are painting that wall.

I also had an immediate sense of déjà vu. For you see in 1980 something, I saw the movie Ghost Story starring Fred Astaire here with my friends TC now TD and CS. I’m not sure but VS may have been with us too. It was a rainy cold night and these stairs man, they look exactly the same.  All I know for sure is that movie gave me nightmares.

And my feelings of déjà vu created a sense of nostalgia.   Ah the good ole days.

As always, more to come.

J-Dub’s Movie Review of Three Identical Strangers

Question: How does one critique a documentary?

Answer: You don’t.

It’s no spoiler to say what the movie is about because it’s been widely publicized. Triplets (David, Eddy, and Bobby) separated at birth only to accidentally find each other 19 years later.

The bigger story is about the Louise Wise adoption agency, Dr. Peter Neubauer, and the secret study on multiples. The purpose of the study remains unclear but could be nature versus nurture or mental illness. All three were placed in different Socio economic families: affluent middle class, and blue-collar.

Eddy dies by suicide. In the movie they use the dreaded C word and say how he did it which should be avoided say the mental health advocates. There was blame cast upon Eddy’s father. Which I personally believe is extremely unfair. There is no way to know the motives. The only person who knows is unable to tell.

I think what happened is unconscionable and I am particularly disgusted by the two research assistants who were interviewed because of their callous and flippant remarks. Yet I am fascinated by all the theories. Nature versus nurture. One of the relatives interviewed said it’s both and in her opinion and that nurture can overcome nature all the time. I have to politely disagree with that sentiment. Nurture can overcome nature some but not all of the time.

The two remaining triplets David and Bobby talk about how they concentrated on what was the same but that there were always differences. Those differences went beyond how they were nurtured. Though David does credit his father who raised him for saving him by providing such a loving and stable presence.

There’s really not too much else to tell only that I did find it very disturbing as more bombs were dropped. They were together at the agency for six months. The separation likely lead to behavioral issues like head banging. We learned the boys were purposely placed in families who had adopted daughters two years before. From this you know how deeply the entire thing was orchestrated. How this could’ve happened in my lifetime is beyond me. To quote David “that’s some Nazi shit”

Highly recommended. Score 4.8 out of five stars or two thumbs up.

As always more to come.

So, … What’s a girl to do?

Well if that girl is Jill and it is her me day then she:

  1. Completes round two of returns to Nordstrom Rack. Since they don’t have the larger size, she leaves empty handed
  2. Goes back to the scene of the crime a.k.a. DSW and she apologizes in person.
  3. Drops into Jasons deli for the most wonderful chicken salad with pineapple and almonds.
  4. Goes to the Bijou.
  5. Takes pictures pre show for a blog post to follow.
  6. Watches the movie Three Identical Strangers. And she is outraged for the triplets, their families and all those affected. Such injustice! Those research assistants should be ashamed. The lack of remorse is unconscionable. Review post to follow.
  7. Goes to the library to get the following book which is sure to pack a punch. Nonfiction along the same vein as the movie in that it chronicles how parents/families cope. Said book has been made into a movie to be released shortly. Her therapist would say “oh Jill why do you do this to yourself?”

As always more to come.

Sing Along Song of the Day For 8/10/18

Thank you Fred!  Music is like Xanax to me.  Now I am chill.  This song was used in the soundtrack to Remember the Titans.  I might have to dust off my DVD and re-watch.  After this song, there is more goodness.  The loop moves on to more 70s grooves.  Sharing the song for others to enjoy!  And you’re welcome :).

Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the song and/or video and/or hyperlinks to songs and/or videos and/or gifs above. No copyright infringement intended.


(Aug. 6/18) “I Spy With My Little I, Something That Is READ.”

Sometimes life puts you right where you are supposed to be. I found this gem today. Reclaim your inner child people! I may just need to break out my Trixie Belden books for a stroll down memory lane.

I Will Wry-se Up

Context: By seeking to be more than enough, I put a world of distance between me and my best self…

So–much like that reformed phony baloney, The Wizard of Oz,  who naturally saw the best in the scarecrow, tin man, and cowardly lion…

but, bungled the rescue of the one who rescued them–

I easily saw the wonderful in others, but unintentionally failed my inner child by leaving her behind.

And, over the past few weeks, my misguided rationale/intentions became clear…

A rescuer at heart,

I’ve employed two strategies…

  1.  (For their sake…thus, mine as well) Putting protective separation between others and myself in order to shield them from the magnetic-toxicity I couldn’t seem to escape…


2. Keeping others close in order to be their buffer in a world that,

in my earliest years, I was taught to mistrust.

These (at any cost) strategies became the hardest things I’ve ever done;

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So, … I Am Taking A Me Day

… Isn’t every day a me day?  And you’re laughing … I can hear you … Wait! No I can’t.  This is virtual reality.  Deep woman.  Deep.

I ran across this little entry and re-read it.  Awww man!  I LOVE my kids.

I am sappy sentimental.  Licking my proverbial wounds while I realize what a difference a day  or two or three or four makes.  Time heals all wounds, give time, time or something like that.  I am better y’all!  Yay!

After yesterday’s fiasco, I realized something had to give.  I wrote a note of apology because I write better than I talk.  I plan to deliver my note later today.  Small consolation for misdirected anger.

As I wait for the store to open, I took a look at my memories on that bastard FB.  I saw something that made me wonder if maybe I was not so much angry yesterday as I was sad.  I have written about that before.  My depression manifested as rage.   The Incredible Hulk Jillster.  I was mostly Bruce Banner but when I wasn’t watch out.

These pics were taken four years ago today a little less than one month before the gut punch.  As I look back now, I search for a sign of what was to come.  How did I not know?  Oh wait!  There it is, look close, behind her eyes.  Covered by sunglasses.

CC Trip

And then there is me with my honey but without a clue.  Happier than we have ever been.  We had just got back from Disney a month before.  B was returning to work the following Monday.  Lulu was starting her junior year in high school.

J and B

That September 2014 gut punch was the first of a few more to follow.  We had thought the worst was over after B healed from his accident.  Little did we know, life would continue dealing out our hand.

As always, more to come.