Wabi-sabi – Celebration of Imperfection

I needed to see this today! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder 😊

This is my place.

Nothing in nature is perfect. Even the finest of things have flaws and most things have many flaws. If you would live in a world full of imperfection and still see beauty, you must understand the beauty in the flaws

The world wants to celebrate perfection. The perfect body, the perfect face, the perfect performance record. Everything is gleaming and shiny and smooth. This is the way of depression, for no person lives up to that ideal. It is also the way of obsession as we consider ourselves inadequate due to natural imperfection and obsess over achieving an unachievable ideal.

The weed is as beautiful as the flower garden – if you understand it.dandilion

It is good to be imperfect. It is our flaws that give us individuality. With flaws, we are truly unique. Without them we are but figures in a cheap anime; identical smooth faces, and figures…

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So, … Free Gift

Even asshole customers get the free backpack when they spend more than $39. I’m still so embarrassed. When I confessed to B what I did he said “Nobody cares but you Jill”.

I’m starting to see a pattern here. I think that’s the only thing he knows to say to me when I get upset. Hmmm.  Well at least it’s working.

As always more to come.

So, … J-Dub Gets Banned From DSW

I am so embarrassed.  I am truly sorry for overreacting with the shoe store clerk.  What as an ass I am!!!  An atrocious person.

Transference is a horrible thing.  I have zero excuses.  I would elaborate more but I do not look very good in this story.  Not that I look good in any of my stories.  Flawed is more like it.

If you are curious DSW = Designer Shoe Warehouse.  This “incident” gives me one more reason why I should never go shopping again.  I just don’t know how to behave myself.

That is all.

As always, more to come.