So, … All My Stuff Is Organic

I don’t have to pay for it.

And I don’t want you to pay for it either.

Darn you FB.  Blocking my way to connect to WordPress.  Causing me to make a page.  Then treating me like a business.  Telling me to promote myself for $5 or $10 dollars.

Uh no.

All my stuff is organic and I don’t have to pay for it.

Organic = people who find my page on FB simply by search.  It is their term not mine and it appears on my page summary.  Only blue lines for organic baby, no green for moola.

I have yet to broadcast invitations but I have sent a few.  If you want one, let me know.

As always, more to come.

15 thoughts on “So, … All My Stuff Is Organic

    1. There was an easier way to do it. Instead of typing in your link, whenever you posted on WP it automatically would do that for you. That’s the part they took away. To have it happen automatically, you need to have a page instead of a personal timeline. Champagne problems obviously 😂

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  1. I still have no clue what I am doing on FB and I’ve had an account for donkey’s years…….had to get Sam (the six year old) to explain how to make a page so my posts can be shared with my family! dang!

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  2. Facebook removed my status the other day for hate speech. I was shocked because I don’t post on it much. I didn’t remember making the status. Guess what it said? ‘Men are trash’ LOL. I had a very good laugh.

    Anyway, tl;dr Facebook sucks.

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      1. I think they are trying to protect themselves over the recent backlash but they have gone to an extreme IMO.


    1. They took away the feature that shares to your timeline for securities reasons. You have to have a page before you can share. So I set one up J-Dub’s Grin and Bear It. The pages are typically used to advertise your business. My only business is spewing nonsense when the mood strikes me. lol

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