They Drink My Wine

So much for my great clean out. Instead I got hooked on #SLS and have been checking out the song selections for the day.  Not a bad way to be distracted.   Who knew Bob Dylan wrote a drink song made famous by the one, the only Jimi Hendrix?  Well now you do.  Take a look right here. Thanks Jim for your unique educational selection! Oh and I had the plowman line all wrong. earth does not = herb. SMH. Lol

A Unique Title For Me

I selected a Bob Dylan song that was made famous by Jimi Hendrix. I thought that this song was going to be easy to explain as it is a short song containing only 185 words, but I was wrong, as after spending several hours in research, I am still confused, or should I say there is too much confusion.  I stopped my research after I read that this song was about Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, as even though the writer made valid points to argue his case, that is totally ridiculous because ‘All Along the Watchtower’ came out in 1967.  A year after his motorcycle accident, Dylan made a radical turn toward cryptic, austere country-folk while hanging out with the Band in the basement of ‘Big Pink’ near Woodstock.

I did find one explanation of this song that I liked and that is the way I will try and…

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