So, … Back When I Was Nice

Part two for the great clean out.  I really am considering a garbage bag or just shoving everything into the closet.  But then I start to organize and my how the nostalgia keeps me from a purge without review.

What I found today:

  • Assorted cards of the just thinking of you or the thank you variety that I bought to send just because back when I was nice I did things like that.
  • Assorted cards sent to me for birthday, congrats, sympathy, thinking of you, etc… just because back when I was nice people returned in kind.  You get what you give.
  • Prayer cards from way too many funerals to count.  I found my dad’s but cannot find my mom’s.  She passed away before we lived here so I believe I will find it just in another place.
  • Stickers and wrapping paper and everything in between from Easter Seals and MD Andersen my two charities of choice.
  • Pictures that were once in albums or were meant to be but never made it into the albums.  Mostly pictures of others because for years, I took the pictures but I would not get in them.

In one of cards I saved, a former employee was wishing me well as I moved to set up and manage a new team.  Here is what he wrote:


You often kept me busier than a one-eyed cat watching two rat holes, but I thank you immensely.  On a more serious note, you have been a great manager.  Thanks for all you have invested in us.  Please keep the chocolate dish out @ all times.

~ JPM Chase

This young man has now passed me up and is doing great things for the company for which we both still work.  I just saw a recent announcement where he took yet another job.  I am not surprised.  I always knew he was quite capable and would do well.  As for the chocolate dish, that is back out again.  Only within the last two weeks.  Part of my attempt to re-center myself.

In the same card, someone else wrote this:

Thank you.  You’ve been supportive & always the optimist.  Best wishes for your continued success.


I had the good fortune to work with this person again before she retired.  She made a huge impact on me during our years together.  As I look at her words from circa 2010, I have to ask myself where did that always the optimist go?  Darn it!  Back when I was nice, I was also an optimist.

Anyhow, that is all for now.  Music is blasting and the great clean out continues.  Wishing you all a Wonderful Sunday.

As always, more to come.

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