So, … I Am All Tuckered Out

Ever wonder where that expression came from?  Don’t Google it cuz you’ll see all kinds of stuff.  Not really.  I jest.  And I am all tuckered out.  I’ve exhausted myself with all my antics and my brain popping like popcorn, analyzing, and overthinking.  Stop damn thoughts!

Lulu and I had a very packed morning.  Items to return from last week at two different places.  New things to pick up to replace what did not work.  Getting home to try on and finding out more to return next week.  But it is worth it to not have to try on in the store.  This game I play.  Sometimes I get lucky and everything works.  If not, gives me a reason to leave the house again.  Explains why my clothes, shoes etc. fall apart.  I hate shopping.

The most fun was the one day only sale at Bath and Body Works.  I got my new bag for $8 and everything inside at 40% off.  Since they let you stack coupons, another 20% off entire purchase (which explains why my $10 bag was only $8).  We also got two free items to boot.  By my calculations we saved @ 70% once the free items were factored in.  Score!  The new fragrance Rose (feature photo) reminds me of my Mamaw.  I stocked up with some scent bulbs, body wash and spray.  Aromatherapy triggering memories.

Speaking of memories, every time we got back in the car, the tunes on the radio were killer reminders of the past.  I had written in recent months about not paying attention to lyrics back in the day.  Only recently realizing Steely Dan’s Time Out of Mind was really about chasing the dragon and ‘Til Tuesday’s Voices Carry was about an abusive relationship or affair.    There were even times we’d scream sing words that went right over our heads.  But then there was also the time we listened to a song over and over again.  Pause, rewind, repeat until we got the words just right.  Or better yet, somewhere along way they started putting lyrics on the insert of cassettes and later CDs.

Any Who folks.  There is nothing better than driving down the highway and a song comes on and you sing along verbatim and you don’t even know where the words come from … just bubbling up from your subconscious I guess.  And I am not talking about misunderstood lyrics that everyone gets wrong (Louie/Louie) but those classic or not so classic songs that struck a chord with us somehow.  Here is one such song that does that for me.

Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the song and/or video and/or hyperlinks to songs and/or videos and/or gifs above. No copyright infringement intended.

As always, more to come.

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