So, … The Trouble Tree

First yes I do like my own blog posts BUT only if I have 13 likes.  I am VERY superstitious.

Now on with the main event.

Y’all I am a sensitive soul.  An empath really.  And maybe that’s a bit much to say except for the people who have told me otherwise.  I know I am not Madam Z the fortune teller or anything like that.  I am just shall we say in tune.

I’ve been carrying the weight of the world around lately for no good reason.  I mean none!  I have been bringing that sH!t home too.  And a bit roller coaster like, I was better but then this week kicked my a$$.  I cried y’all.  Angry tears too not the good kind …the pissed off punch your face kind.  And I was sliding back into old patterns.  To deal, I stopped talking, watched my dance shows on a loop, and listened to music.  Despite that, I was stuck in a pity party.

Then today, serendipity!  I was driving to work earlier than usual listening to KONO 101.  There is mostly talk radio in the AM and the DJ (if they’re still called that) told a story and this story gut punched me.  And I cried again but heartfelt and grateful tears.  When I parked, I wrote the story down so I wouldn’t forget and so I could repeat it here.

A self-employed carpenter was showing his new apprentice the ropes.  The day was hot.  The only electric saw stopped working.  An order of material was late.  The work has hard and things were rough but eventually it was quitting time.

After work, the apprentice joined the carpenter and his family for supper.  As they drove home in the old rickety truck, there was not much conversation.  The carpenter was weathered and beat down.  He looked weary.  The apprentice wondered if this was the job for him.

They arrived at the carpenter’s house, parked the truck and got out.  Before going inside, the carpenter stopped and touched the trunk of an old oak tree in several places.  When they passed through the threshold something amazing happened.  A miracle really.  The apprentice noticed how the older man’s face changed.  His frown disappeared as the stress left his being.  He kissed his wife hello and hugged his kids.  They sat down to a pleasant meal with good talk in good company.

After supper, on the drive to take the apprentice home, the conversation went something like this:

Apprentice: “I just have to ask you, why’d you touch the old oak tree like that?”

Carpenter: “Oh that.  That is my trouble tree.  I touch the tree at the end of each work day and leave my troubles there instead of taking them into my home.  And each morning when I go back to work, I pick my troubles back up.  Funny thing, the next morning there are never as many troubles as I remember from the day before”

Wise words my friends.  I hope you take away from this story as much as I did.  I may not have a trouble tree but I am darn sure going to find something to touch at the end of each day as a reminder to leave my troubles at the door.

As always, more to come.


So, … May 1983 to May 2018 is 35 Years

What the what! Ya I know you can do math.  The month of May was a blur for me and here in August, I am feeling sentimental. So sue me.  Wait! Don’t sue me.

I went on the hunt for a picture and found my memory book from Senior year, 1983 instead.  Right now I am strolling down memory lane and laughing my ass off.  Oh the naivete.  What a baby I was with such childish dreams.

Eventually life kicks you in the teeth not once or twice but a handful of times.  Even if you do not feel the kick directly you see bad things happen to good people.  Puts everything right into perspective.  If I only knew then what I know now.

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As always, more to come.