#1linerWeds. for 8/1/18

Awe man!  Winston is the best dog ever.  I think he wants to come live with Aunty Jill 😉

Yes I am the certifiably crazy dog lady.  And yes I can use the term crazy because I say it about myself.  If anyone takes offense to the term, then scroll on by.  No Wait!  Come back! Puhleese!  The crazy I am referring to is Webster’s 2. definition:

2. extremely enthusiastic.

Pseudo alternative dictionary baby.  Not to be confused with the punny funnies dalecooper57 shares with us.  Today’s esquire I understand.  Last week’s expert still has me guessing.  I really need a dictatorship = Kingdom of Richard the Potato today.  LOL.

Cheers folks!  And if you’d like to join in or add your own #1linerWeds, look here for the Rules and Ping Back
As always, more to come.