New Dawn, New Day

Each morning I hit the snooze button on the alarm. I feel I get extra sleep this way. Nine minutes of bliss. Beep, beep, beep and slap then nine more minutes. And so on and so forth.

I quit making my bed each morning. Out of spite. Saying to myself that life is too short to waste making a bed. The Admiral was wrong. What does making a bed have to do with a good day? Plenty of sucky days started with me making the bed. But it’s really so simple and I enjoy the ritual of a nightly turndown. Yesterday I even bought mints for our pillows.

Today I got up at first beep. Today I made my bed. With the habits of evening prep which include making my lunch, no TV family time and reading or writing myself to sleep, I hope to gain some peace.

This is all I will say on the matter because actions speak louder than words. Funny that someone like me who uses words as medicine has come to the realization that it’s time to put up or shut up. Just do it! As the proverbial Nike commercial says.

As always more to come.

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