So, … Extra Tacos

Good living pays off! Jill was rewarded for a rough week or Jill is a contradiction?  You decide.

We ran out of milk so we needed an alternative for breakfast.  The easy thing would have been to run to the ice house and get some milk.  But easy is not our thing. And yes I say ice house from habit.  So sue me.  Wait! Don’t sue me.  Do any of the fine folk from the north know what I mean by ice house? Or is that just a Texas thing? I am curious now.  Comments por favor.

Any Who.  B is working again, making it easier for Lulu and I to decide for ourselves.  We did not feel like getting out of our PJs.   So, drive thru it is.

And I have not driven through the drive thru is many months or maybe years.  I have ordered to go of course because I am a lazy not too often cook but I park and walk in.  Why?  because … well because gas is so stinking expensive.  At least that was when my OCD kicked in causing me to shun the drive thru.

Our order for today and to heat up tomorrow: two papas con queso, one papas con bacon and one papas con huevos.  Four samples of pico de gallo.  Two teas – sweet and 1/2 and 1/2.  When the girl gave me the bag, it felt heavy.  Heavier than four tacos.  But I had no reason to hold up the burgeoning line and check our bag.

Once home and checking out our loot to eat and to save for tomorrow, the first package unwrapped was a bean and cheese taco.

Lulu: They got it wrong … bean and cheese instead of papas con queso.

Me: What does the receipt say?

Lulu: Receipt is right.

Me: I’ll go back or we can switch.  I like bean and cheese.

Lulu (as she takes a peek at the rest): Oh wait! We have six tacos!

And sure enough, two extra bean and cheese tacos were slipped into the bag.

Now what do we do?  Someone behind us or in front of us likely did not get a correct order. And as sure as I would’ve gone back to get what we ordered, why not go back when the wrong order is in their favor?  Of course they cannot re-sell the tacos after we’ve already touched everything. But still.

Anyway, we now we have extra extras.  Maybe that makes up for all the times we got all the way home and something was missing.  Happens more often than I can count which is another reason for parking and going inside.  I can watch them pack our order.  They have a much better success rate at the indoor to-go line than drive thru.

Even with the mix-ups, I am so appreciative of their efforts.  A very tough job especially with sarcastic customers like me ;).  Cheers and thank you to everyone working in food service.

As always, more to come.


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