So, … The Grocery Store is Our Cheers

Ugh!  But true. Sadly.We have rituals.  Saturday night services so that Sunday mornings are free for the weekly grocery run.  No crowds. No fuss. No muss.  Sunday morning shopping is something most people would dislike immensely.  And I can’t say I’d blame them.  In fact, we need to break free of our ritualistic rut.

For many years back in the golden 80s, through the nifty 90s, I did all the grocery shopping by myself.  I did so many things by myself.  Or just me and the kids.My kids rarely saw the inside of a grocery store until they needed to shop for themselves.  My anxiety kept me from taking them along.  And fortunately I had alternatives.  I know not everyone does.

B stayed home and I shopped. That was the dealio until his fall.  Everything changed after he was injured.  As he recovered, he became more involved in life.  Yay! for all of us.  No more married single parenting for me.  And I jest.  Appearances can be deceiving as if being out in public is the only way to demonstrate your parenting chops.  It isn’t.

And what’s this ramble got to do with the price of tea in China?  Can I even ask that anymore? By doing so I am sure I have violated public decency.  And again I jest.  Or do I? I just had these thoughts which needed to break free.

Anyhow.  B is working today.  He has to shred and mow and trim.  The trifecta of keeping this place going.  I am shirking my inside the house duties but will break free to have a marathon scrubbing commence once I am done musing.  And you can be sure Queen: Freddie and the Gang will be keeping me company. Or better yet, I will go to the library for Sunday-Funday!!  Decisions, decisions.  Should I break the rules?

The theme for Sunday is in full gear.

Landing the plane now.

Here was this morning’s check-out convo.

Attendant/overseer in self check out (Cashier): Where is B?

Lulu: He had to work.

Cashier: Oh and last week you had to work?

Lulu: Yes

Cashier (looking at me): And you don’t work? 

Me: No. I mean Yes I work.  Sometimes.

Cashier: Well I hope to see him back next week.

And of course I had to tease B when I got home.  Hey your girlfriend asked about you.  Same as she did last week when Lulu was not with us.  I bet if I skip next week, she won’t say anything.  And she really hopes you go back next week.

And all this was written because I had the single thought that the cashier who sees us every week knows us by name.  We know her name too but I am protecting her anonymity 🙂

Boy howdy.  Good thing I do work. Because this writing thing could never be my day job.

As always, more to come.

9 thoughts on “So, … The Grocery Store is Our Cheers

  1. I remember when all stores were closed Sunday except convenience stores. Then it was pointed out that some other religions had different holy days when the stores were open and the vast population were not religious at all.

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  2. Our grocery store is the same way. They’re always glad we came, and everybody knows our name, and we know theirs. haha! There’s always hugs, and jokes, and stories, and they ask after us if one of us don’t show up every day. It’s basically our home away from home. 🙂

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  3. LOL nice cross using the #SLS in here too! I try to shop during the week when there are less crowds since I work from home and have an easier time getting away. I used to think that it was pretty sad that a trip to the grocery store was my one outing away from home. I mean, I still do think it’s pretty sad that the grocery store is my one outing, but now that the kids are grown I know I can have more outings if I want. The checkers would know my husband better than me for sure since he is such an interactive guy and I’m not so much.

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