So, … V/R

Now that I have captured your attention, let’s play a game. Not as in Mathew Broderick War Games but a game just the same.

Nevermind. This is going nowhere. Rabbit 🐇 hole or rat 🐀 hole alert. I’m going to try to land the ✈️ though.

Society is acronym happy these days. I just learned what FOMO means. And there’s a boat load more. IMO, BTW, SMH, FML, BRB, WTH, FINE and so on and so forth. The mister pipes up SNAFU as I’m making this list. He claims it’s the original and the only. He’s been watching too much Full Metal Jacket. He could be right though because that goes back to 1944.

Land the plane J-Dub. I hear you and I’m trying. Back to V/R. I first saw V/R in the valediction of an email. I thought it was a typo. Or worse I thought it was like using regards. Maybe you’ve seen that article floating around about how regards really means you’re a jack ass and sincerely means FU. But I paraphrase. And I jest.

Anywho. Anyone here know what V/R means? Well I’ll tell you. It means Very Respectfully. Ha! And not in a snarky way. And I’m borrowing. The person who uses V/R has to communicate with all levels of the company. Adding V/R is a class act to IMO. I joked that I was disappointed, I thought I was special and the only one worthy of his V/R. To which he quipped, well you are special and worthy! Everybody is!

Awww. Nice guy award. Made my day after such a crappy start. Now we can cue music. The bird is on the ground. If you’ve made it this far, you deserve a prize.

As always more to come.

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