So, … To Show Avicii I Was Cool

I have been writing some entries on my phone and everything looks okay.  Then I hit publish.  Then I go to view and there is no spacing.  Drives me batty.

Which is why I am going it old school … as in desktop.

I am in a reminiscing mood.  I was thinking about a friend who wrote a very special note to me to commemorate our graduation.  I do not remember the exact words but I thought it could have been in my yearbook.  I could not remember which year though so I looked at all of them and cannot find it.  More driving me batty.

Then I read a comment on my V/R post about passing notes.  Ah ha! I think maybe her words are in a hand written letter.  You see back in the olden days people wrote letters to each other. Shocking I know.  But true!!

If B was not asleep, I’d go into our closet and into my trunk and get my box of letters. I am a pack rat extraordinaire but not as much as before the incident because after that happened, I went minimalist.  If I saved something you know it was very special.

My friend was super creative, smart, and funny.  I miss her bunches.  The words she wrote over 35 years ago capture my thoughts this night almost exactly.  Damn I wish I could find it.

Something about being my fists to kick some ass and being my ears to listen to my secrets.  So very poetic and deep.  Well as deep as a teenager might be.  I am exploding with secrets y’all and I fear I might burst. But I want to keep them to myself. But I don’t.  But I do.  But I don’t. But I do.

Damn I feel better.  Forget shake it off.  Just write it out.

Not sure if it was the writing that helped or maybe the pill I took in Ibiza is finally kicking in?  No worries either way.  Both are prescribed.

As always, more to come.

P.S. I wonder if anyone will understand my title.  My own attempts at creativity. Plus I needed to rid myself of the Mike Posner ear worm.

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