So, …

I hate to shop.  I have mentioned this a bazillion times.  But I need new clothes so I have to shop.

Or do I?

I have been telling myself I don’t NEED anything new.  I can keep wearing what I have despite the tightening and tearing.  When material starts pilling, that’s a sign.  Eff your sign Jeff Foxworthy.


Now what did poor ole Jeff ever do to me?

Any who, my point is that NEED is a strong word.  I mean really.  Do I NEED new clothes?  I wonder where Fred is when I need him?  Fred would agree. No to new clothes!

Yesterday I pulled two dresses, a pair of pants and a shirt off the rack.  Took them home.  Tried them on.  Said bleh, bleh, bleh as I looked in the mirror and promptly took them back earlier today.  Good thing this is a WANT and not a NEED.  Heaven help me when the real (as opposed to fake) time comes.  I am going to have to hire someone to help me.

As always, more to come.

6 thoughts on “So, …

  1. I did this. I was about to buy a new pair of shoes online, but I decided to clean the shoe closet. Reduced the load by half, by eliminating junk – shoes I have not worn in the last eight years. It suppressed the urge to buy more.

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  2. Not my favorite thing either. I am about to go through my closet and drawers to weed things out. I’m hoping I find some hidden gems so I don’t need to go out and replace anything.

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