SoCS – but I’m not supposed to spit

You guys! You NEED to read this today. Try not to get teary eyed like sappy ole me. Thank you Laura!!!

Riddle from the Middle

I’m not supposed to do that…

Famous last words from any five year old, usually uttered right before they do the very thing they’re not supposed to do.

I’m not supposed to spit.

I’m not supposed to eat snacks before dinner

I’m not supposed to run backwards down the block with my eyes closed while my babysitter’s inside on her phone.


Grownups have plenty of not supposed to items also. Some are whimsical.

I’m not supposed to eat two helpings of chocolate cake.

I’m not supposed to wear t-shirts to the grocery store.

Others – especially the older we get – are, well, annoying.

I’m not supposed to eat red meat.

I’m not supposed to gain any more weight.

Yeah, I want one, but I’m not supposed to drink beer these days.

Is anyone else sick to death of not supposed to? Sick.To.Death. Just for once why don’t we focus…

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