What Fresh Hell?

I just love that question. Not really.  I just love saying HELL!! Cursing takes the edge off.

Any who.  I am working at home in order to get a jump start on tonight’s festivities.  I had one final meeting during which I got a call that I did not take … from area code 512 …

So, … we know what that means.  Well I know what that means.  Those calls are from patient for whom I just pay the bills.  He left a message this time.  No translator.

Patient: Jill, I am in the hospital.  I broke my leg.  My left leg. Call me back at 512-xxx (what’s the number here?)

Nurse: 512-xxx-xxxx

As soon as I got the voice mail, I called back.  Time lapse was within 15 minutes.  The line just rings … forever … until I get a fast busy signal and a disconnect.  I call back the number on caller ID vs. the direct number.  The switchboard (yes I said switchboard) answers and I explain what happened.  I ask to speak with the patient.

Operator: that happens when the phone in the room isn’t answered.  He could be in the middle of treatment or maybe he is sleeping all drugged up.

My thought bubble is oh really. You have no idea sister.  Can you say HIPPA?

Operator: I can transfer you to the nurses’ station.

Me: Yes Please do.

Nurse answers.

Me: Can I leave a message for _________.  I want him to know I got his message and called but no answer.  Tell him that I will try again later.  

Nurse commits to relaying message.

Now the question becomes will I call back?  I’d like to think I will.  And I know I should.  But here’s the thing about should.  That word should … it SHOULD be stricken from the dictionary.  It comes with obligations and expectations and forced actions. Who is to say what is correct? I have been given permission to do what I want, not what I should.  Too bad I didn’t just take the call.  Then I’d be done with it.

Oh well HELL!  There is that word again.

As always, more to come.

10 thoughts on “What Fresh Hell?

    1. This poor guy. When our mom was alive, she did everything for him and hid how bad his illness was even from my dad. After she passed away things for him went downhill. He lives in a group home. I pay his room and board. I ended up speaking to him earlier but can’t get a straight story of what happened. He is claiming the hospital broke his leg and sent him to another hospital. The other day it was EMS that called me with something similar. He doesn’t care for the hospital down the street. He only wants St. David’s. All I know is I just cringe when I see that area code.

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      1. I just hope you don’t beat yourself up for it. I feel the “cringe” more than I feel like I should. Then I feel guilty. A dear friend always tells me that it is normal to feel what we feel, and that we shouldn’t feel guilty for having those feelings. She basically says, you can’t help what you feel, and therefore it’s not a punish yourself offense. I don’t know if I worded that right but I hope the meaning came through :):)

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  1. How do I catch up on this topic? Is patient a relative? Have you been left with their care? I take you resent it? Could you transfer to someone who wouldnt mind caring for patients needs? I take its a stressful situations for you?

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    1. A very long story. I’m a payee for my brother. I took over when my mom passed away. There are payee services but the good ones have a waiting list. One day soon I need to get on the list. I’m not getting any younger. Just a very sad situation all around.

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